Suffolk Bull Moose Men vs. Cortland-Homer Thundering Herd

Suffolk Bullmoose vs. Cortland-Homer Thundering Herd

1st playoff round: April 20, 2013

Having ended a run of consecutive years without a playoff win, Suffolk RFC wins by a margin of 38-7 over Cortland-Homer RFC.

In one of the largest turnouts in recent history to watch a Suffolk Rugby match (over 200+), Suffolk RFC was ready to take on the Cortland-Homer Thundering Herd RFC in the first round of playoffs. The windy weather would see both teams to early adventure and once again the tone was set early on to Suffolk's advantage. In the 10th minute, #8 Yue-Houng Hu took a quick penalty in for a try to stun Cortland's Herd like they were all caught in headlights.

Suffolk pressed hard on The Herd but with both teams turning the ball over, not much was gained by either team. The Herd would be called for a costly infraction inside their own half giving way to a Suffolk lineout inside the Herd's 22 meter line. All eyes were focused on Suffolk's winger Dom Smash like he was naked singing the days of the week in anticipation of receiving a pop pass from #10 Seamus Dugan. Big Dom "Smash" would carry 3 Cortland players into the try zone for the second try of the day. It was as if Big Dom was possessed like he was Mike Tyson coming off Zoloft during the 1992 Evander Holyfield boxing match.

On occasion, the Suffolk defensive line looked threatened at times by the big Herd of Cortland. Crash ball would test the Suffolk forwards throughout the match. Cortland did a good job of breaking the advantage line time and time again. Suffolk would counter with hard tackles by Yue and Gary "I don't have the ball bag" Stahl. But with the blink of an eye, Cortland found themselves knocking at the door inside Suffolk's 22 like they were the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, inviting themselves into Grandma's bedroom and onto Grandma. But just like in the story, the Big Bad Wolf would feast on Grandma scoring Cortland’s first try of the day edging the score closer 12-7.

Suffolk ran into a bit of luck just before the half. A long kick was chased down by #15 "English" Tom Casey and this pressure caused #13 from Cortland to mishandle a kickback allowing the Suffolk Englishman to run in for the third try of the day.


Halftime score: Suffolk 19, Cortland 7.


Going against the 17mph wind, Suffolk struggled early in the second half against The Cortland Herd. The first 10 minutes of play was owned by Cortland because of costly penalties by Suffolk. Unfortunately for Cortland, they couldn't put up any points essentially being denied like Jim Arnold at an all-u-can-eat Buffet.

Suffolk put great pressure on Cortland with tactical cross kicks. With their speedy winger Ryan Frazier chasing, this allowed Suffolk to obtain great field position. The Suffolk forwards played a version of their own crash ball with Jonathan McGinn, Craig Lebel, and James "He-man" Frost getting in on the action. This opened up the outside game for the Suffolk backs. Rob Dooley, for the second week in a row, acted as Santa Claus, allowing "Man of the Match" Kevin Kelly to score two tries on the day. This had fans wondering if they were ever going to see another famous Rob Dooley patented spin move before the season was over.

Suffolk penalties would have cost dearly if Cortland looked to kick for touch and gain field position rather than tap-go. Yellow cards came out on both sides to even the manpower but Cortland needed much more on this day.

Clearly it looked as if Cortland was tiring like an old lady walking home from church. Suffolk knew the match was all but won and with 7 minutes left to play, speedy Ryan Frazier scored with his very own patented cut-back move to seal the win for Suffolk.

Congratulations Suffolk RFC!

Final Score: Suffolk 38, Cortland 7


Thank you to all our friends and family that came out to support! Special thanks to the Suffolk Women RFC for their efforts making friends and family day a huge success!


1) Anthony “Bus” Buser

2) Jon “Taff” Tafarella

3) Drew “Mittens” Levine

4) Gary “Ball Bag” Stahl

5) Joey “Orange” Spina

6) “Party” Nick Calandra

7) Jonathan “Mangina” McGinn

8) Yue-Houng Hu

9) Matthew “Super” Reilly

10) Seamus Dugan

11) Ryan “Cut-back” Frazer

12) “Skinny” Rob Dooley

13) Kevin Kelly

14) Big Dom “Smash” Periousomething

15) “English” Tom Casey

16) Craig Lebel

17) James “He-Man” Frost

18) Adam “Rachel” Smith

19) Jeff “Silver Fox” Kraebel

20) Andrew “Buttercup” Power

21) Pete “Ginger” Courtney

22) Ross “Tex” Taggart

23) Mike “Physics” Evans


Coach: Daryl Porter

Tries: Yue-Houng Hu (1), Big Dom Smash (1), English Tom (1), Kev Kelly (2), Ryan Frazer (1)

Conversions: Superboy (2), Seamus (2)

Man of the Match: Kevin Kelly

Match report brought to you by Seamus Dugan