Suffolk Bull Moose Men vs. Gotham Knights


Suffolk Bullmoose vs. Gotham Knights by Seamus Dugan

April 6, 2013


Suffolk took to the Gotham boys like Earth, Wind & Fire took to a concert in 1995. It was another long day for the Gotham Knights in this traditional match. #8 Yue-Houng Hu started things off in the 8th minute by quickly tapping a penalty play into the try zone surprising the Knights like a cellmate’s welcome to an inmate’s first night in jail. The match was dominated by Suffolk from that point. Gotham was never able to put together any type of rhythm to match Suffolk’s ability.

There were plenty of positive series put together by Suffolk in this match. Matthew “Super” Reilly played a bit of crash ball with the forwards allowing Michael “FA” Owen to put down the second try of the day in the 12th minute. Adding to Gotham’s problems, a late hit on Suffolk’s #10 brought out the dreaded yellow card sending the #8 Gotham player to the Sin Bin for the next 10 minutes. Outstanding all day, Man of the Match Jonathan “Mangina” McGinn would take advantage of this situation by scoring the next two tries for Suffolk.

For Suffolk, both backs and forwards would take turns scoring on Gotham like it was free candy given out on Halloween. Kevin Kelly broke his cherry for his first try of 2013. 3 minutes later, “Skinny” Rob Dooley scored another try without utilizing his famous patented spin move. Overall, it was like Santa came to Suffolk when Rob Dooley started passing out the ball like presents to little children.


Halftime Score: Suffolk a lot, Gotham a little


With the absence of “Oh Captain my Captain” Daryl Porter, this Suffolk team didn’t miss a beat. The second half produced the same results as the 1st. The Gotham Knights did not give up but were just outmatched by the power of Suffolk Rugby. Kevin Kelly would take a crash ball to the line to score his second try of the day from 22 meters out charging his way through defenders like Donkey Kong through barrels.

Counter attacks from Suffolk were amongst the best all season. Longing for his first score of the season, great passing from Mike Evans allowed Andrew “Buttercup” Power to fulfill his need by putting down the 8th try of the day. This stirred the Gotham onlookers to start chanting “Buttercup! Buttercup!”

A cheeky little play by Suffolk ‘s Yu-Houng Hu and Matthew “Super” Reilly allowed Super to make the best of  a 2 on 1 situation. Taking the ball for himself, Super scored the 9th try of the match and left Buttercup to only dream of a second score.

An errant kick in the 73rd minute by Gotham would allow Seamus Dugan to put down the 10th score of the day and his first try in forever. And Buttercup would have his 2nd score of the day with a run of 65 meters satisfying his scoring urges. With his second try, Buttercup successfully turned the home crowd to chant his name like he was Rocky Balboa fighting in the hostile U.S.S.R. Perhaps Buttercup would get lucky and score again at the drink up. Git ‘er done Buttercup!


Suffolk wins 11 scores to 1. 65-5


1) Anthony “Bus” Buser

2) Jon “Taff” Tafarella

3) Drew “Mittens” Levine

4) Austin Roe

5) Joe “Orange” Spina

6) Michael “FA” Owen

7) Jonathan “Mangina” McGinn

8) Yue –Houng Hu

9) Matthew “Super” Reilly

10) Seamus Dugan

11) Ryan Frazer

12) “Skinny” Rob Dooley

13) Kevin Kelly

14) Big Dom “Smash” Perioujoulhljsomething

15) “English” Tom Casey

16) Andrew “Buttercup” Power

17) Jeff “Silver Fox” Kraebel

18) Mike “Physics” Evans

19) Adam “Rachel” Smith

20) “Your Buddy” Dom Toomey

21) Will “Furry”

22) Pete “Ginger” Courtney

23) “Party” Nick Calandra

24) Gary Stahl


Man of the Match: Jonathan “Mangina” McGinn