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2011: Men vs. Brooklyn, September 24


Suffolk VS. Brooklyn


Suffolk was facing a Brooklyn team that had never been beaten during the regular season for the past two years. This would be a true test for a Bullmoose team determined to win the division. Heat up the Menudo and pass the Tortilla’s because this match would be full of excitement!

In early phase play Brooklyn pinned down Suffolk in their  own 22 but careless penalties and knocks would prove costly for them. Outstanding kicking all day by #15 Greg “Delaware” Arent would provide good field position to escape trouble. Brooklyn kicked for points early to go up 3-0. In the 15th minute a weak side run by Flyhalf Seamus Dugan created an overload to setup the first try of the day in the corner by Jesse “I love football” Fritz. (7-3). The first half teetered back and forth like children on a see saw waiting for Mommy to bring home dinner. But the feast would be served in the second half. Matthew “Superboy” Reilly kicked in a penalty putting Suffolk ahead 10-3 at halftime. There were a couple of breakaway chances for the Bullmoose team in the first half but some forward passes setback any type of momentum. The second half would be all too different.

Halftime: Suffolk 10, Brooklyn 3

The Suffolk pack would tire down Brooklyn with a smash mouth style of play. This caused Brooklyn much frustration and in turn, many knocks and penalties were created. Suffolk’s rowdy gang was led by “Angry Cheatin” Martin and Captain Yue-Houng Hu. The Suffolk pack was brutal and wrecked havoc all day. Brooklyn crashes went nowhere like they were facing The Great Wall of China. The backs were running with glee. Everything was clicking.

“We wanted to be direct”, said Suffolk Head Coach Daryl Porter. “Hitting them hard and setting the tone in the beginning created many advantages for us.” This would prove true when Veteran Tom Desmond took a counter kick and passed to Fullback Delaware. Number 15 kicked a long ball and “Skinny” Rob Dooley chased it down 50 meters to put down the score making it a 17-3 lead. Excellent all day, the front 3 of Suffolk (Anthony “Bruiser” Buser, Jon “Taff” Tafarella, and Ross “Tex” Taggart) gave Suffolk the edge providing maintenance to keep control of the ball. Suffolk would score again when speedy youngster Jesse “I love football” Fritz chased another brilliant kick by #15 down to the 2 meters providing his second try of the day (24-3). A small lapse in the Suffolk defense allowed Brooklyn to sneak in a try with 15 minutes left in the match (24-10).

Smelling victory as time wound down, “Skinny” Rob Dooley placed a cherry on top when he took a hard crash and offloaded to Marc “Red Zone” Edwards putting away the game (34-10). Suffolk had their fill for the day. It was a grand feast with a double helping of dessert. Well played gentlemen.

End of Game Score: Suffolk 34, Brooklyn 10

1) Anthony “Bruiser” Buser
2) Jon ‘TafF” Tafarella
3) Ross “Tex” Taggart
4) Zack “Birdman” Foda
5) Joe “Orange” Spina
6) “Party” Nick Calandra
7) Yue-Houng Hu (C)
8) “Very Angry Cheatin” Martin Burdett
9) Matthew “Super” Reilly
10 Seamus Dugan
11) Jesse “I love football” Fritz
12) “Skinny” Rob Dooley
13) “English” Tom Casey
14) Andrew “Brooklyn/Buttercup” Powers
15) Gregory “Delaware” Arent


Subsitutions: Marc “Red Zone” Edwards, Gary “I get sick off spray” Stahl, Johnny Quest “Think we’re sellouts”, Tom “I only come for the good times” Desmond

Man of the Match: Every Suffolk Rugby Player who showed up on Saturday