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2011: Men vs. Old Maroon, September 17

Suffolk Bull Moose Coach Daryl Porter Gets First Win With Club.

September 17, 2011

Suffolk 25 v. Old Maroon 10


On a beautiful September Saturday, our Bull Moose met to battle with Old Maroon at Suffolk’s home pitch in Center Moriches.  Suffolk presented their new Coach, Daryl Porter, with his first victory under the proud red and blue of Suffolk’s Bull Moose besting Old Maroon 25-10.

Suffolk thrusted pressure swiftly, forcefully and repetitively on the outmatched Old Maroon side.  Suffolk’s pack was in constant control of the submissive OM forwards by consistently maintaining ball control in the OM half of the field.  Suffolk dominated rucks with the likes of “Party” Nick Calandra and Yue-Houng “I’m really from Rochester” Hu leading the way in rucks and set pieces.  The Suffolk club showed good continuity and confidence in coming away with the ball at most set pieces throughout the match.  The constant pressure mounted with two quick crashes early in the first half setting the table for the explosion of wide play.  Old Maroon committed to the tightness of Suffolk’s Forward play and balls - crash balls - leaving an opportunity for Fly half Seamus “Hollywood” Dugan to get sweaty and work wide.  The saucy Hollywood presented “English Tom” Casey, Greg “Delaware” Arent and Andrew “buttercup/Brooklyn” with their favorite position, the authority to work their speed to the edge.  Taking advantage of the outnumbered OM defenders, Buttercup hammered in the first try of the match to give Suffolk a 5-0 lead.

Following the initial score, Old Maroon attempted to balance the field position game by kicking the ball into to the Suffolk half.  Unfortunately for the visitors, no matter where on the pitch they played an aggressive pack lead by Gary “Geary” Stahl; Ross “Tex” Taggart and, our very own, “Angry Cheatin Martin” Burdett.  No balls were safe.  No balls were cupped more aggressively than by the Suffolk men in the trenches.  The Suffolk forwards easily satisfied their club in marking their territory.  Possession of the ball was an obsession of the mind and body for the Suffolk Pack.  After permitting OM to quickly release their anxieties of a match winding out of control, Suffolk was back in control.  Off a scrum, the pack provided a solid ball for Mathew “superboy” Reilly to shoot the ball to Dugan.  The echo of leather and skin slapping could be heard across the pitch.  Reading the defense like a priest reading scripture, Dugan called for a loop play to choke any lasting life out of the OM defending backs.  An overload was created.  The load was sent into the face of the defensive backline.  English Tom’s patience and acceleration, Delaware’s elusiveness and Buttercup’s speed again placed them in a position of dominance.  On the edge, Delaware and Buttercup were provided a landing strip with miles of field and one defender to slow them down.  Fortunately for OM, luck was not completely against them and the protection saved the unwanted penetration of the in-goal again.  The sole defender forced a lineout after a thirty meter shift in field position.  OM prevailed on the lineout stroking the Suffolk defense in to an erect line.  While the speed of the new defense led to several premature attacks and off-sides calls, the pressure was imposed on the OM side.  The defense forced a bouncing ball, which was picked up by Delaware.  Delaware left many OM defenders and spectators with their mouths open as he bobbed and weaved through a crowd for a 25 meter score giving the home team a 10-0 lead.

Superboy continued to show that there is hope for him yet converting a penalty kick giving Suffolk a 13-0 lead.

A brief let up before the end of the half left an opportunity for OM to avoid the shutout as they converted a penalty kick leaving the score at half time at 13-3.

The second half handed Suffolk the wind and more ball control, frustrating OM into running unsupported into many rucks – presenting the larger, stronger, and more firm Suffolk pack to routinely win possession.  With new comber Marc “I’m all biznass” Edwards showing how dynamic he is, effectively and seamlessly switching positions to accommodate the needs of the squad as injuries and fatigue began to set in on both sides.

The fatigue led to play to open up and OM’s tackling to get lazy.  Off of a ruck, the ball was passed wide providing Outside Center English Tom to show off some of his own fetish - footwork.  Using wide men as a decoy around the OM’s 22, Tom cut back satisfying Suffolk’s needs and discarding four OM defenders with nay a hand on him.  English Tom’s score delivered a devastating blow to OM’s hopes immediately under the uprights and giving our men a 18-3 lead and, with the conversion, a 20-3 lead.

OM’s frustration began to show through as they continued to try to draw the Suffolk side into conflict.  Gary “Geary” Stahl became the peacemaker of the match for insisting that the ruggers keep in classy: “Guys, there is no reason for name calling.”  Keeping it classy.  Notwithstanding their efforts, Suffolk maintained pressure in the OM side of the field.  Following a 40 meter scamper by Greg “Gotham Loves Me” Lobello where OM defenders were left panting and unsatisfied as GLM sprinted past, the stage was set for Suffolk to score one more time.  Superboy played the ball wide to Dooley just outside the five meter line where OM defenders in the open field could not (nor ever) hope to satisfy his desires as Doolz steamrolled into the try zone for a 25-3 lead.

Garbage time would find OM some glimpse of hope for the remainder of the season as they punched in a try, which was converted and led to 25-10 final score.

The story of the match was the continued domination of the pack.  After a slow start in the Hudson Valley match, the pack has consistently shown size and strength against the opposition.  This was no different in the match versus Old Maroon as Yue-Houng Hu seemingly won each lineout he jumped in through the first half.  YHH rolled his ankle and the depth of the Suffolk side was called upon to continue the attack.  The return of “Angry Cheatin Martin” Burdett was welcomed as size, strength, skill and intelligence is finding its balance in the early stages of the season.  Many new faces appeared on the A side with new players like Justin Washer showing signs of his talents and Jon McGinn displaying his characteristic aggressiveness on the pitch.  With consistency, these young gentlemen will earn their nicknames soon enough.


Man of Match: Robert Dooley

Dick of the Match: Gary Stahl


  1. Ross “Tex” Taggart
  2. Keith “Beef” Bertizzi
  3. Anthony Buser
  4. Gary “Geary” Stahl
  5. Mark “I’m all Biznass” Edwards
  6. “Party” Nick Calandra
  7. “Angry Cheatin” Martin Burdett
  8. Yue-Houng “I’m from Rochester” Hu
  9. Matt “Superboy” Reilly
  10. Seamus “Hollywood” Dugan
  11. Andrew “Buttercup/Brooklyn” Powers
  12. Robert Dooley
  13. “English” Tom Casey
  14. Greg “Gotham loves me” Lobello
  15. Gregory “Delaware” Arent
  16. Justin Washer
  17. John “Quest” Questal
  18. Jon McGinn



The B side match provided an opportunity for youth to shine as Jesse Fritz was presented the opportunity to show his speed; McGinn who’s aggressiveness presented him with an opportunity with the A side, provided relentless attacking skills and aggressive, fundamentally sound defensive prowess.  The return of veteran Tom Desmond was on display with several long runs by unprepared defenders.  Many new and young faces were present with an introduction to live, full speed rugby which provided a learning experience for all.

The Bull Moose welcomes the return of Zack “Birdman” Foda in a premiere matchup against Brooklyn’s squad in the coming week.