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2011: Men vs. Hudson Valley, September 3

Suffolk Bull Moose @ Hudson Valley


Under a new head coach, Suffolk was eager to take to the pitch. But in the early minutes, they had a bad case of the jitterbugs and looked as sloppy as a fat kid during a pie eating contest ending up in a quick score by Hudson Valley (7-0). Things started to settle down for both teams but early on it seemed that Suffolk could be in for a long day.

In the 15th minute, a spark of brilliance came from Suffolk fullback Gregory “Delaware” Arent with him grubbing a loose ball 22 meters and outracing his opponent to put down the first score of the day for Suffolk (7-5). In the early going, Suffolk forwards had a difficult time in the scrums vs. the heavier forwards from Hudson Valley. Time would prove that Suffolk’s resilience would slow the Hudson Valley pack creating many opportunities later in the match. Hudson Valley held possession in the Suffolk end more than desired because of the many turnovers and penalties served up like Serena Williams at the US Open. A pair of missed tackles caused a breakaway allowing for another Hudson Valley score (14-5).

In about the 30 th minute, Suffolk started to wear down the Hudson forwards allowing clean ball to the backs. Outside Center “English” Tom Casey set up a perfect try in the corner to one of the fastest winger’s in the league, Greg “Gotham loves me” Lobello (14-10).

Halftime Score – 14-10

*New head coach Daryl Porter gave a rallying speech at halftime sparking the team with priceless analogies. The Bull Moose squad clearly understood his words of wisdom and executed accordingly.

Suffolk was down 14-10 but now Hudson Valley had to play a man down the rest of the match for “indecent” play. Hudson Valley forwards did not seem nearly effective in the second half partly because of outstanding play by John Taff and Yue-Houng Hu (c). Hudson Valley turned the ball over more in this half. This allowed Suffolk to take advantage like a bully in the 5th grade. A perfect quick maul was set up by “Johnny Quest thinks we’re sellouts” allowing Matthew “Superboy” Reilly to distribute quickly to the backs. Outstanding all day, “English” Tom found the try zone shooting a gap only the size of a pencil thin moustache could get through giving Suffolk their first lead of the game (14-17).

Unfortunately, Zach “Birdman” had a bout of his own “indecent” behavior and both teams were again at even level playing with only 14. Suffolk played a hard nose crashing game led by Robert “Doolz” Dooley, hitting holes harder than a locomotive through a tunnel. This allowed Seamus Dugan to execute a perfect play for a dummy and a long pass to #15 “Delaware”. He then ran 35 meters to the try zone “breaking Hudson Valley ankles” along the way for another score (17-24). This score was as refreshing as an ice cold beer on a warm summer day.

The match was extremely close the whole way through as Hudson Valley again tied the score at 24-24. Suffolk forwards played an amazing game allowing the backs to put up points. Greg “Gotham loves me” Lobello would have another look at the try zone before the end of the match. But as the whistle blew the score was tied 29-29. Not a bad start for either team. Rugby season has officially begun!

1) Johnny "quest" Questel

2. Jon Tafarella

3. Anthony Buser

4. Gary Stahl

5. Joe “Orange” Spina

6. “Party” Nick Calandra

7. Zack “Birdman” Foda

8. Yue-Houng Hu (C)

9) Matthew “Super” Reilly

10) Seamus Dugan

11) “Rookie” Jesse

12) “Skinny” Rob “Doolz” Dooley

13) “English” Tom Casey

14) Greg “Gotham loves me” Lobello

15) Gregory “Delaware” Arent

Substitutions: Marc Edwards

Tries: Delaware (2), Lobello (2), “English” Tom (1)

Conversions: Dugan (1), Super (1)

Man of the Match: Seamus Dugan