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So you decided to join rugby and you're wondering "What the hell did I get myself into?"

You've heard it's like football with no pads, mix in a little soccer and sprinkle in some crazyness and viola, rugby.


Check out our Rugby 101 section for more information, or watch this short video on the basics of Rugby:

YouTube Rugby 101


Suffolk Bull Moose Rugby is a Rugby Union team (most USA rugby teams play Rugby Union)

15 players

  • 8 Forwards ("The Pack") - responsible to gain/regain control of the ball through tackles, scrums and line-outs.
    • Front Row: 2 Props and Hooker, props hold up the hooker so s/he can hook the ball through the scrum
    • Second Row: 2 Lock Forwards, main drive in a scrum, usually the tallest jumpers
    • Loose Forwards: 2 Flankers and "8 man", first to unbind from the scrum and tackle opposition
  • 7 Backs - responsible for creating scoring opportunities
    • Scrum-half: responsible for moving the ball from the Forwards to the Backs
    • Fly Half: First in line to receive the ball from the Scrum-half, sets the play up
    • Center: Inside-center, outside center, run plays to get the ball out to the wings
    • Wings: Left and Right outside players, fastest to score tries
    • Full back: Last line of defense (no pressure), able to tackle and kick


80 Minutes

  • Two 40 minute halves
  • Rugby is constant. No breaks to reset from a forward to back play. No breaks for getting tackled, just get back up.



  • 100 meters long (330 ft), 70 meters wide (230 ft) - football field is 360 x 160 ft
  • Things to remember: The 22 and 10 meters



  • "Goal Posts" is an H-shaped post - similiar to Football
  • Try: 5 points. A try is rewarded when a player enters the "try zone" and PLACES the ball down.
  • Conversion kick: 2 points. Following a try, ball is kicked between the posts.
  • Penalty Kick or Drop Goal/"Field Goal": 3 points. May take place anytime during the game.


Ruck, Maul, Scrum, Tackle, Line-outs: All sound kinda dirty but are just another part of rugby