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    Saturday's Friends and Family Day! Come out and Support!

    May 17 Suffolk Men vs Long Island Old Boy// Home

    May 17 Suffolk Women vs NE Philly// Home

    For more information, check out our schedule section and directions to the pitch/drink-up. To schedule future games/scrimmages, contact: or

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    New Players Welcomed!

    For more information, new players can contact our teams VP. Practices are Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturday, no experience necessary!

    Men's VP:
    Women's VP:

    To learn more about the basics of rugby, click here. It's never too late to learn!

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So you decided to join rugby and you're wondering "What the hell did I get myself into?"

You've heard it's like football with no pads, mix in a little soccer and sprinkle in some crazyness and viola, rugby.


Check out our Rugby 101 section for more information, or watch this short video on the basics of Rugby:

YouTube Rugby 101


Suffolk Bull Moose Rugby is a Rugby Union team (most USA rugby teams play Rugby Union)

15 players

  • 8 Forwards ("The Pack") - responsible to gain/regain control of the ball through tackles, scrums and line-outs.
    • Front Row: 2 Props and Hooker, props hold up the hooker so s/he can hook the ball through the scrum
    • Second Row: 2 Lock Forwards, main drive in a scrum, usually the tallest jumpers
    • Loose Forwards: 2 Flankers and "8 man", first to unbind from the scrum and tackle opposition
  • 7 Backs - responsible for creating scoring opportunities
    • Scrum-half: responsible for moving the ball from the Forwards to the Backs
    • Fly Half: First in line to receive the ball from the Scrum-half, sets the play up
    • Center: Inside-center, outside center, run plays to get the ball out to the wings
    • Wings: Left and Right outside players, fastest to score tries
    • Full back: Last line of defense (no pressure), able to tackle and kick


80 Minutes

  • Two 40 minute halves
  • Rugby is constant. No breaks to reset from a forward to back play. No breaks for getting tackled, just get back up.



  • 100 meters long (330 ft), 70 meters wide (230 ft) - football field is 360 x 160 ft
  • Things to remember: The 22 and 10 meters



  • "Goal Posts" is an H-shaped post - similiar to Football
  • Try: 5 points. A try is rewarded when a player enters the "try zone" and PLACES the ball down.
  • Conversion kick: 2 points. Following a try, ball is kicked between the posts.
  • Penalty Kick or Drop Goal/"Field Goal": 3 points. May take place anytime during the game.


Ruck, Maul, Scrum, Tackle, Line-outs: All sound kinda dirty but are just another part of rugby



Community News

  •   Dedicated to our friend and coach:

    Daryl Porter
  • Congrats to Lyndie and Keith Dunton on the birth of Cody Hartley Dunton....
  • Congratulations to Suffolk Bull Moose & Brooklyn! April 1, 2012 -...
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Suffolk Rugby, Inc. (a.k.a. Suffolk Bull Moose RFC) began as a seven's team in 2002. In 2003, the club grew to a 15’s side and competed for the first time in the Metropolitan New York RFU (division III).  In 2004, the club registered as a Not-for-Profit Incorporation with the State of New York and branched out to form a U19 boys team in the William Floyd School District. A senior women's developmental program was also initiated in 2004.
The women's team officially joined the Metropolitan New York RFU and the club elected its first female President. The first annual Suffolk 7's tournament was held in 2006 along with the adoption of the club's first bylaws, laying the groundwork for future development.

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The Suffolk Bull Moose RFC began as a sevens team in 2002, competing in the Subaru 7s, Rockaway 7s and New York 7s.
In 2003, the team expanded to a full 15s side and played their first match vs. Montauk RFC on April 12 in Hecksher Park (Huntington Village, NY). In 2004, the women's team officially joined MET NY RFU, competing the in DII bracket. (read more)

In recent years, Suffolk Bull Moose Rugby has remain competitive (sending players to the NRU All Star team in 2009-2010), as well as more involved in the community through food drives to hosting rugby training/coaching.

Affiliations and Community Outreach:

  • William Floyd U19 Rugby Club
  • Sayville U19 Rugby Club
  • Empire Games - Women 7s
  • Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence fundraiser
  • Long Island Cares food drive
  • Legislator Kennedy and New York Blood Center blood drive
  • Riverhead Blues Festival
  • Center Moriches Knights of Columbus